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So you’re interested in real estate on Sanibel Island. Congratulations! We came here for two days’ vacation 28 years ago, and bought property within the month. Best decision ever! Sanibel Island is a very special place, as you probably already know. It’s celebrated for its beaches and bayous, its tropical trees and plants, its exotic birds and wildlife, its championship golf courses, its miles of bike paths, kayaking trails and fitness centers, its live theatres, writers’ workshops, film and music festivals and its fine art galleries. And for the healthy lifestyle made possible by our wonderful climate. But what people discover when they live here is that it’s also a very special community. Check out The Sanibel School’s state test scores, the Sanibel Library’s 5-star designation, the state-of-the-art Sanibel Recreation Center, and the many nationally known and world renowned writers and artists who have made their home here. Better still, come live here and experience it all yourself.

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Whatever brings you here initially, there’s something most people don’t discover immediately. That’s our community. People who live here are among the most active, educated, literate, generous spirited, concerned and just plain interesting in the world. Let me help you become part of that community. Click here to view Our specially selected properties

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